Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Making bubbles

For most of us making bubbles is a very easy task. I enjoy making bubbles for everyone and I am always learning how to make bigger bubbles. For me bubbles are about color and movement as well as the suprise of the bubbles.
Making bubbles for your kids is a very fun and inexpensive thing to do. You can use any common liquid dish soap and tap water. I always use a container that can be sealed and I keep the solution that does not get used.
You can use many different types of wands to make bubbles. I have made my own or bought many from retail stores, you can even make bubbles with your hands. When making your own wands the materials are unlimited from paper towel rolls to tin cans to clothes hangers bent into different shapes.
The best ingredient for making bubbles are friends. I always say be sure to make bubbles with your friends. If you have any pictures of big or funny bubbles please forward them to me.
Bubble on!

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