Saturday, January 5, 2008

podcasting bubbletruck stories

I am podcasting bubble truck stories. Please search for them or go to my website to follow the link. If you have kids please pass on the link. I will be adding stories weekly. If you have any ideas please pass them on also.
I am adding more youtube video's, my skills are limited but I am going forward none the less. I will be adding as I make more bubbles and go to more events.
You can make bubbles in the winter as long as your bubble solution does not freeze. It is funny how we get trained ,as a kid most of us drew pictures and our parents put them on the fridge as we grow older we tend to stop drawing pictures and putting them on the fridge. I say stand up for your creativity. Put a picture on your fridge , a recently finished piece. So go make bubbles in the winter just dress warm and go inside when you get too cold.
Bubble on!

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