Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bubble happiness

When I drive into a daycare or a school sometimes I get treated like a rock star. The kids will stand and yell bubble truck bubble truck. What makes bubbles so fun. To me it is the color and movement of the bubbles. Some tell me it is the magic with which they appear and disappear when you pop them. For the kids who knows they like them but they have the most fun chasing them and popping them. I make bubbles over 30 feet long the kids really enjoy popping them, I would like for them to watch the bubble fly away but the temptation to pop them is great I am there for their fun so letting them pop the big bubbles is the way to go. With a little help the kids can make bubbles over 20 feet long. Most kids are amazed at the size of the bubbles.
Kids enjoy the bubble truck. They like the craziness of the design and the surprises they find. I have horns for them to make noise with and other items that get their attention.
The bubble truck is a rolling party.

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