Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I had the great fun of making bubbles for a daycare center in Louisville. I was also asked to read my book. When I pulled into the daycare there were kids in the play area. They are always so fun. The kids stood at the fence asking questions and trying to climb it to get to the bubbles and to touch the truck. What a great time in life to be that curious and trouble free. They have so much thirst for knowledge and fun. We all must remember to have fun.
Making bubbles with them and showing them how to use the string wands is always great. Most of the four year old kids do catch on and make bubbles bigger than they have sever seen. There are always the usual areas of putting hands in the solution and not using the wands just playing in the water. I like to get the adults to play with the bubbles and it always works. We are all kids but a lot of us have been pressured to act certain ways. Bubbles are for everyone. You should always enjoy the simple things in life.
On to my book I am selling some copies but we always want to sell more. I am always looking for the answer. Please pass my book along to everyone you meet.
Bubble On!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Festival fun

I made bubbles for a small community called Indian Hills. It was a great festival very well organized and everyone was very pleasant. The kids were having fun making big bubbles e with the string wands. I was able to make big bubbles early but as the solution changed the bubbles were not easy to make.
The day before I had a person offer to buy my truck. He had the money but it was somewhat of an insult. I was parked near the St. James art show and selling my books the truck was visible to the crowd. A lot of people stopped and took pictures of my truck. This caught the attention of the guy and I guess he had to work it into his world. I did not sell.
Keep smiling and always bubble with friends.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Harvest Homecoming Parade

I was in a parade yesterday. I always thought parades were fun but four years ago I started doing parades in my bubble truck with a group of ladies I call the bubblettes. They are fun. Of course bubbles are always a big hit with the crowd, kids wanting to pop them and parents pointing them out to their kids and remembering they love them too.
My entry is the only one that the people walk out in the street to touch. It is quite funny but the power of bubbbles is a very strong attraction.

Bubble on!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

bubble bubble up so far

I always have fun making bubbles. Creating things is easy. The hard part is marketing them. Anyone a clue ? email me.