Monday, May 10, 2010


If you have kids you should always have fun. Fun comes in many forms from simple things like telling jokes to more complex things like buying them things. We all want the best for our kids something better than we had. Possibly the best thing you can give them is yourtime. Kids want your attention. Give it to them.
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Please follow this link to see the bubble bus making a few bubbles.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Always fun

The bubble bus is ready to go. Make plans to have the bubble bus at your next event.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The goal of the Bubble Bus is to bring fun to kids. We as adults need to give the kids out attention. Having fun can be accomplished in many ways, you can play games, watch tv play on the computer. I feel strongly that kids need to be more active and spend more time doing physical activities. The Bubble Bus encourages being active and brings fun to the front. Bubbles are the number 1 toy sold across the world and children enjoy them and get the benefits of being active. There are many games you can play while making bubbles just let their imagination go.
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Monday, April 19, 2010


I had a few birthday parties this weekend. It is always fun to see the birthday child. Kids really love special events. The best part of the event is the kids getting attention. The best party I attend is where the parents participate in the party. When there are big bubbles are the parties the adults really enjoy themselves.
Kids are our future and they way we continue our legacy. Be sure to give your child all the attention they need. The need hugs, fun and discipline.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am so unhappy at the sate of the corporations. In the past you worked for a company and they honored your work and were respectful of their employees. Now days they outsource things to 3 rd world nations and expect us to buy the products coming in. When you get rid of the good jobs those people do not have the buying power they had so you just reduced your buying population. Greed has taken its toll on America. I really like it when the corporations say the need to compete with China. What a joke America has worked hard to get where it is on the sweat of the blue color worker. You cannot compare the China worker to the American worker. The biggest word in that conversation is freedom. We have it and they do not. We have so much better life style due to our constitution. Tell the corporations to buy American, buy local.

On the lighter side of bubbles and kids. Always take time to play with your children. They may want material goods but they always want your love and attention.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Kids and energy

I made bubbles today at a head start program. it was very fun. Kids ages 3-5 have an unlimited supply of energy. It is always great to see the faces of little kids when they see big bubbles for the first time or any time. Kids just love bubbles. It was windy today so the really big bubbles did not have a chance. There was thousands of bubbles coming from the truck and millions being made by the kids.
They had a spring festival with games, face painting and more. Lunch was also provided.
I had the most fun being able to ply with the bubbles and watch the kids smile.

Any day is a good day when you can make bubbles.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kid expert

I am an expert in the field of kids after all I have been one for 52 years. Does that also make me an antique? It is amazing as we grow up how our life changes for the pressures of society. We should all remember that life is short and there are no guarantees. We will grow old but we should keep plenty of room for playing and acting like a kid. You can be responsible and still have fun.
When teaching you kids teach them respect and responsibility. Let them have fun along the way.
One of the best lessons you should teach them is fiscal responsibility. Tell them of the value of saving money. Tell them to avoid the pitfalls the system has set for them. Teach them self control.I do not believe we are here to work 40-70 hours a week and do nothing but work. I believe in God or a higher power that wants us to do something different than just work.
Love your kids and also teach them to be happy and successful.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bubble Solution

When I make bubbles for kids I simply use Dawn dish washing liquid. It is very safe and makes great bubbles. There is alcohol in Dawn so it my sting the eyes of someone who gets it in their eyes. This can be solved by blinking and possibly washing the eye with water this is no different that getting shampoo in your eyes which does sting. I will also put in some commercial mix as an additive using super miracle bubbles. This helps with making the bubbles self healing or more elastic. A big part of the bubble experience comes from the weather. It is always best to make bubbles after a rain, early in the morning or late at night. The humidity is high and the sunshine is low. There are other things I add to the bubble mix when I am not around kids. They will be discussed in the future.
The Bubble Bus and bubble truck are always available for parties and events. Please book early. The Bubble Bus is now selling licensing so you may own a Bubble Bus is your city.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Bubbles make excellent entertainment at parties. Bubbles are magical. They seem to appear dazzle and then disappear. Bubbles come in all sizes and shpes and they are constantly changing shapes and reflecting light so their color changes.
For a birthday party they are a great choice of entertainment. Your guest of all ages will enjoy them. The best part of the party is when the adults make bubbles. Most people have not played with bubbles as big as we make. Bubbles can get very large depending on the solution and weather conditions.
Always bubble with friends.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am writing about my interest in kids entertainment. Birthdays were always special to me as a kid. My grandmother made sure our birthdays were celebrated. She planned a trip to our house and brought a wonderfully decorated cake from a fantastic bakery along with birthday presents. We had dinner or lunch the lit the birthday candles. It always was a special day. Life has progressed and things have changed. I still believe birthdays should be celebrated.
It was by accident or my asking God for something to do that I created the Bubble Truck which led to people calling me and asking me to entertain at their childs birthday party. It is slowly becoming a full time business and I have enjoy every party I have been to. I have expanded now creating the Bubble Bus which does birthday parties but also promotes fitness to kids at day cares and pre schools.
I will always celebrate birthday parties and remember how special my grandmother made them.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bubbles ath the Home of the Innocents

Today I went to the Home of the Innocents and made bubbles for them at a spring break event. Everyone loves bubbles so the Bubble truck was a hit. The wind was strong so the big bubbles were few and far between but the kids were still having fun. There was a lot of activities and food.
We all should be grateful for everything we have for we are blessed with good lives. I enjoyed making bubbles for the event. My friend Jason Clopton volunteered his time as did I. He twisted balloons. He did an excellent job.
Please visit my website and to learn morte about my services.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bubble bus

I am the creator and owner of the Bubble Bus, please visit I have taken my love for bubbles and designed an art bus that has an indoor playground or gym. The Bubble Bus is a new concept in childrens fun and fitness. The Bubble Bus has a zip line, rock climbing wall, monkey bars, rope ladder, punching bag, walking beam, trampoline and you can slide out the back of the bus.
The outside of the Bubble Bus is sculpted with bubble makers and some art work making it an art vehicle. The bubble makers can operate when the bus is moving or when it is stationary.
The Bubble bus is designed to promote fitness and fun to kids of all ages focusing on kids ages 2-7. The Bubble Bus can visit you daycare/preschool on a weekly basis. The Bubble Bus is also available for birthday parties, church events, business openings, and anywhere entertainment is needed.