Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bubble bus

I am the creator and owner of the Bubble Bus, please visit I have taken my love for bubbles and designed an art bus that has an indoor playground or gym. The Bubble Bus is a new concept in childrens fun and fitness. The Bubble Bus has a zip line, rock climbing wall, monkey bars, rope ladder, punching bag, walking beam, trampoline and you can slide out the back of the bus.
The outside of the Bubble Bus is sculpted with bubble makers and some art work making it an art vehicle. The bubble makers can operate when the bus is moving or when it is stationary.
The Bubble bus is designed to promote fitness and fun to kids of all ages focusing on kids ages 2-7. The Bubble Bus can visit you daycare/preschool on a weekly basis. The Bubble Bus is also available for birthday parties, church events, business openings, and anywhere entertainment is needed.

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