Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bubble Solution

When I make bubbles for kids I simply use Dawn dish washing liquid. It is very safe and makes great bubbles. There is alcohol in Dawn so it my sting the eyes of someone who gets it in their eyes. This can be solved by blinking and possibly washing the eye with water this is no different that getting shampoo in your eyes which does sting. I will also put in some commercial mix as an additive using super miracle bubbles. This helps with making the bubbles self healing or more elastic. A big part of the bubble experience comes from the weather. It is always best to make bubbles after a rain, early in the morning or late at night. The humidity is high and the sunshine is low. There are other things I add to the bubble mix when I am not around kids. They will be discussed in the future.
The Bubble Bus and bubble truck are always available for parties and events. Please book early. The Bubble Bus is now selling licensing so you may own a Bubble Bus is your city.

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