Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kid expert

I am an expert in the field of kids after all I have been one for 52 years. Does that also make me an antique? It is amazing as we grow up how our life changes for the pressures of society. We should all remember that life is short and there are no guarantees. We will grow old but we should keep plenty of room for playing and acting like a kid. You can be responsible and still have fun.
When teaching you kids teach them respect and responsibility. Let them have fun along the way.
One of the best lessons you should teach them is fiscal responsibility. Tell them of the value of saving money. Tell them to avoid the pitfalls the system has set for them. Teach them self control.I do not believe we are here to work 40-70 hours a week and do nothing but work. I believe in God or a higher power that wants us to do something different than just work.
Love your kids and also teach them to be happy and successful.

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