Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am writing about my interest in kids entertainment. Birthdays were always special to me as a kid. My grandmother made sure our birthdays were celebrated. She planned a trip to our house and brought a wonderfully decorated cake from a fantastic bakery along with birthday presents. We had dinner or lunch the lit the birthday candles. It always was a special day. Life has progressed and things have changed. I still believe birthdays should be celebrated.
It was by accident or my asking God for something to do that I created the Bubble Truck which led to people calling me and asking me to entertain at their childs birthday party. It is slowly becoming a full time business and I have enjoy every party I have been to. I have expanded now creating the Bubble Bus which does birthday parties but also promotes fitness to kids at day cares and pre schools.
I will always celebrate birthday parties and remember how special my grandmother made them.

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