Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am so unhappy at the sate of the corporations. In the past you worked for a company and they honored your work and were respectful of their employees. Now days they outsource things to 3 rd world nations and expect us to buy the products coming in. When you get rid of the good jobs those people do not have the buying power they had so you just reduced your buying population. Greed has taken its toll on America. I really like it when the corporations say the need to compete with China. What a joke America has worked hard to get where it is on the sweat of the blue color worker. You cannot compare the China worker to the American worker. The biggest word in that conversation is freedom. We have it and they do not. We have so much better life style due to our constitution. Tell the corporations to buy American, buy local.

On the lighter side of bubbles and kids. Always take time to play with your children. They may want material goods but they always want your love and attention.

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