Monday, January 3, 2011

Art Cars and fun!

The Bubble Truck is considered an art car. An art car is any vehicle that you have added your creative flair to. They may be designed to drive every day or just special occasions. They vary widely from painting your car to gluing on objects to building one from the ground up. They area fun hobby and can be found world wide. It is very fun to drive an art car. People will approach you and ask about your creation, wave and honk at you as you drive. I have taken my art car to another level. I have turned my bubble truck into a business of bubble entertainment. I did not intend for it to be a business but it has evolved into one. I now have 3 vehicles that make bubbles and I rent out for events.
I chose to make my art car a bubble themed one and it has been very fun. I studied and played with bubbles and have been fortunate to learn a lot along the way. From making bubbles I have made people smile and laugh and that is priceless. Bubbles are on of natures great gifts. Every kid loves bubbles either making them or popping them. From making bubbles and entertaining people I have also learned some other skills. Someone suggested I learn how to twist balloons and I looked into that and now I make balloon creations as part of my entertainment and I have added a few magic trick to my roster.
I plan on being the "Bubble Man" for the rest of my life. So if you see me out and about please stop me and say hello.

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