Sunday, January 2, 2011

Childrens Entertainer

I am a childrens entertainer. I created the bubble truck to make bubbles and entertain kids. The bubble truck is a very fun piece of art. The bubble truck makes thousands of bubbles per minute from various bubble machines. The truck is interactive where the kids can make their own bubbles. I put ou several containers of bubble solution and toys for everyone to make their own bubbles. Your kids will be making bubbles over 10 feet long and I will be making bubbles over 30 feet long. I will also put kids in bubbles if the wind is calm. I also include balloon hats and creations and some magic tricks.
I also have 2 other vehicles which I have created , The Bubble Bus and the Bubble Monster. Bubbles are a great way to make people happen.
Birthday parties are a fun event and should be as carefree as possible. The biggest thing to remember is to create a happy time for the birthday child. There may be some obstacles along the way but over come them and continue to make memories for your child.

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